Top 3 Resources for Aspiring Data Analysts

The data industry is experiencing high growth and a substantial gap between open positions and qualified talent. Because of this, the demand for data analysts continues to soar and has surpassed the supply of the market.

Professionals who are looking to switch career paths or increase their earning potential are now looking for ways to get into the data field. If you are an aspiring data scientist or data analyst, you have come to the right place.

How Should You Get Started?

To get started, spend some time studying basic programming languages like python, R, and SAS if you haven’t gotten experience from previous job positions. If you have a professional or educational background in mathematics, computer science, or management information systems, you are at an advantage! But don’t worry—you can still make it in Big Data even if you don’t have professional experience that falls under any of these categories.

The first resource to turn to as you begin your journey to securing a position as a data scientist or analyst is free websites like Udacity. Try to familiarize yourself with the material and see if you are interested in learning more.

»» Explore this Free Introductory Course to Data Science offered by Udacity

If you don’t have a technical or professional background, take one or two probability and statistics classes offered by a university or free learning website like Khan Academy. Some are free of charge and have open enrollment, like the one currently being offered online by Stanford University Lagunita.

»» Explore the Probability and Statistics (Open + Free – April 2017 release) course at Stanford University

Research Job Boards and Job Sites

Immerse yourself in the data field. Investigate what the role of a data scientist or data analyst entails. Look at job boards and see what skillsets employers are looking for as they work to fill data-related roles within their organizations. As you discover more about what companies are looking for, you can take the next steps in learning the skillsets necessary to make yourself a viable candidate for the positions you’re interested in applying for.

Enroll In A Boot Camp or Program

Once you have spent some time studying content on free websites like Udacity and learning more about what the job of a data scientist or data analyst entails, I encourage you to apply to an in-person Data Analytics Boot Camp program like the one offered by UCI Continuing Education.

Boot Camp programs are designed to help you learn the most relevant business intelligence tools available in the market, in a short amount of time. Most boot camps will provide you with a certificate of completion upon graduation as well as hands-on experience to solidify the knowledge you will gain throughout the program. Not to mention, you will also be working alongside other data-driven people who may already hold positions in organizations you would like to work for.

Try to Code on Your Own

If data is something you are committed to pursuing, learning to code with basic languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS will be helpful prior to diving into the world of data analytics. You can practice coding by creating web pages or content using HTML and JavaScript, as well as learning how to query data using databases like SQL on websites like Khan Academy.

»» Get a head start by Learning to Code on Khan Academy

As the data industry continues to evolve, companies will have a bigger need than ever to find individuals with the skills to turn big data into competitive insights. These resources will help you take the necessary steps for tapping into the booming field of data analytics.

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