UC Irvine Boot Camps equip you with essential skills to help guide you down a path to success. With strategically engineered curricula, face-to-face interaction, and knowledgeable instructors, you’ll receive a comprehensive learning experience.

  • Our programs cover the most in-demand skills* across web development, UX/UI, and data analytics.
  • Students build an in-depth portfolio of projects to demonstrate their working knowledge.
  • You will receive extensive career support tapping into UC Irvine Boot Camps’ network of employers.
  • Our programs offer a part-time schedule, allowing you to advance your skills without leaving work.
  • For those who wish to study at a faster pace, our coding program offers a full-time option.
  • You will receive a Certificate of Completion from UCI Continuing Education.
    *The material covered in these courses is subject to change due to market demand.

UC Irvine Boot Camps prepare students with in-demand skills through a dynamic program format and advanced curricula.

What You Will Learn at UC Irvine Boot Camps

What You Will Learn

  • Whether you choose to dive into web development, UX/UI, or data analytics, students learn the key skills to join or advance in these industries.
  • Students benefit from career services including mock interviews, portfolio reviews, recruiting, soft-skills training, and more to help equip them for success in the job search.
  • Students take part in experiential learning opportunities with employers, providing access to new employment possibilities.
  • Opportunities for networking and access to employers looking to hire UC Irvine Boot Camp graduates.
  • A Certificate of Completion from UCI Continuing Education, showcasing your achievements to potential employers.
  • First-hand experience and a strong portfolio of applications and projects to display your proficiency.

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What You Will Receive at UC Irvine Boot Camps

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