From Psychology to Data Analytics: How Mehul Parekh Landed His Dream Job in Healthcare

Before enrolling in data analytics boot camp, Mehul Parekh had quite the career. 

With over ten years of experience in operations management, he expanded his horizons by obtaining a master’s degree in organizational psychology. As a student, he learned about many theories and concepts that he thought would be applicable to his career — but when they weren’t, he found himself hitting a dead end.

Despite his rich background, Mehul felt that he was in dire need of a refresh. He longed to align his knowledge of organizational psychology and human resources with analytics, and decided that he needed to further his education to fulfill his aspirations. “I wanted to get into a technical workforce setting and to automate certain jobs and improve workforce efficiency,” he explained. 

Not too long after, Mehul found a unique opportunity to advance his learning at The Data Analytics Boot Camp at UCI Continuing Education — and enrolled immediately. 

A growth mindset 

For the next six months, Mehul attended boot camp classes three times a week, progressing through a highly intensive, fast-paced, and academically rigorous curriculum. 

“The process of discovering, learning, and implementing was difficult at first, but incredibly rewarding towards the end,” he shared. “I was really able to immerse myself in the tech world, where I learned about coding for various languages and programs — from Python, to Java, to SQL. It gave me a very good foundation to understand the world of data science.”

As Mehul continued gaining technical knowledge, he began to appreciate the complexities of data, as well as the powerful tools and systems that analysts used to experiment with numbers. 

However, upon learning more about data engineering, data science, and data analyst roles, Mehul decided that he would not go too deeply into the field. Coding provided a necessary foundation, but it was not his ultimate passion. Just as he longed to bring organizational psychology into human resources, he hoped to somehow do the same in the healthcare technology sector. 

Diving into healthcare technology

When it came to seeking a job in tech, his boot camp’s career services helped Mehul prepare for the roles that would best suit his skill set and education. 

“My boot camp’s career team helped me on a personal level with resume feedback, behavioral interviewing coaching sessions, and guiding me to the roles that would best suit my skill set and education,” said Mehul. “They truly go above and beyond when it comes to supporting students — and in the process, they make sure to equip all of us for success.” 

After graduating from his boot camp, Mehul landed a role with the Workforce Strategy and Analytics team as a workforce specialist within the healthcare sector. Primarily operating as a strategic HR partner, he brainstorms alongside his peers to provide technical workforce solutions so that the organization can ensure seamless, high-quality medical care. 

His focus is optimizing workflows so that patients, doctors, and nurses can have a more positive hospital experience. By implementing modern digital solutions into the day-to-day operations of a hospital, Mehul hopes that providers and medical professionals will be able to manage their tasks more efficiently while ensuring the best possible service for patients. 

“My whole journey has been about exploration and discovery,” shares Mehul. “And thanks to UCI’s career services team, I have such a unique opportunity to commit to meaningful work every day.”

Aspirations to build a better system

Looking ahead, Mehul plans to continue learning and appreciating every challenge that comes his way. His long-term mission is to modernize and streamline hospital processes to leave a positive impact on healthcare. 

“I definitely want to see more advancement in tech for a better healthcare future,” he shared. “It’s extremely important to me that we identify solutions that can improve hospital care across the board.” 

So, what parting words does Mehul have for prospective students? “Don’t be afraid to ask all of your questions, no matter how many of them you have,” he said. “If anything, they are the biggest indicator that you’re ready to learn.” 

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