Meet Our Instructors

Meet the Instructors at UC Irvine Boot Camps

At UC Irvine Boot Camps, we hold our instructors to the highest standards because we know they are a pivotal part of a quality learning experience. To best represent a professional working environment, we employ instructors who are active practitioners with a minimum of three years of experience in the industry.

With experience working in various industry companies, we are incredibly proud of our instructional team and inspired by the passion they display in the classroom. Learn about a few of our instructors below.

Cesar UC Irvine Boot Camps InstructorCesar Aviles

Fun Fact: He has coached his boys to three Jr. basketball (under 8) championships. Which, in his mind, makes him the Phil Jackson of Jr. basketball.

Read Cesar’s bio.

Taylor Blanche UC Irvine Boot Camps Instructor BioTaylor Blanche

Fun Fact: He has two cats, and walks one cat on a leash.

Read Taylor’s bio.

Forrest Blanton UC Irvine Boot Camps InstructorForrest Blanton

Fun Fact: He appreciates the “Run, Forrest, Run” signs held up during the many marathons and other races he’s completed. 

Read Forrest’s bio.

Brandon UC Irvine Boot Camps InstructorBrandon Fulljames

Fun Fact: He’s made several hit PvP videos for World of Warcraft.

Read Brandon’s bio.

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