About Taylor Blanche

Taylor Blanche UC Irvine Boot Camps Instructor Bio

Taylor has worked as a web developer in the field for about five and a half years, and has been programming since he was 16.

Taylor first experienced helping other students learn while working as an AVID tutor during his time in college. At one point, the high school actually ran out of money to pay him, but it was near the end of the semester during finals so he decided to volunteer the rest of the semester to help out the students. The point of the AVID program is not to be a traditional class, but instead to teach students how to learn for themselves.

During his time in the field, he has worked on websites for WD, Playstudios, and Veritone. At WD, he worked on an internal tools website. At Playstudios, he worked on the rewards website for the games myVegas slots and myVegas blackjack. At Veritone, he worked on a search engine for media that has had various engines run on it, including voice-to-text, facial recognition, object recognition, and much more. At each job, he worked as a full-stack developer.

Fun Facts:

  • He has 2 cats.
  • He walks one cat on a leash.
  • He made a cryptocurrency website to track current prices.
  • His favorite TV show is Breaking Bad.
  • He went on an 80-mile backpacking trip at Philmont twice when he was in Boy Scouts, and both times, he was voted leader by the other scouts.