About Forrest Blanton

Forrest Blanton UC Irvine Boot Camps InstructorForrest runs a web development team that has recently worked with The Jimmy Kimmel Show and the NFL on various React projects.. He developed web software that was previously used by Southern California Apple Stores to encourage employees to stay fit and healthy.

His exposure to development started with white boarding lessons given to him at the young age of 8 years old by a family friend and retired Atari engineer. Throughout his life he has continued to explore new tech and is inspired by the powerful devices and tech we have at our fingertips.

Fun Facts:

  • He appreciates the “Run, Forrest, Run” signs held up during the many marathons and other races he’s completed.
  • One of his cats is Awesome, the other is Ellie.
  • He was once declared dead (although his mother didn’t think it was fun at the time!).
  • He has only ever lived in California.