About Cesar Aviles

Cesar UC Irvine Boot Camps Instructor

My name is Cesar Aviles. I am a life-learner, a leader, and an educator. A developer who understands the importance of getting things right and that caring about quality means not relying on problems to be caught in QA. My mantra is the best way to reduce the cost of writing software is to ship high quality, bug-free software.

I have been writing software for over 15 years. My specialization is in Web Development. I also have experience in Windows and Mobile Development.

I hold an undergraduate degree in Computer Information Systems from Colorado Tech and an M.S. in Systems Engineering/Computer Science from Loyola Marymount.

Fun Facts:

  • I am the proud father of two wonderful boys.
  • I have coached my boys to 3 Jr. basketball (under 8) championships. Which only in my mind makes me the Phil Jackson of Jr. basketball.
  • I love to code :blush:.