About Brandon Fulljames

Brandon UC Irvine Boot Camps Instructor

Brandon started programming at the age of 10, delving into C++ and game development. After bringing multiple titles to life on the Game Boy Advance at Vicarious Visions as an engineer, he went on to build up a full stack enterprise scheduling application for DMV offices from scratch as his first real adventure into full stack development with C#/.NET and AngularJS.

From there, he’s become a polyglot and gone on to work on a multitude of tools and internal applications that involved everything from the deepest recesses of cloud infrastructure to the very top of web development. He’s now helping lead junior developers as a Senior Software Engineer to make all kinds of awesome in-house cloud tooling in a variety of languages and technologies.

Fun Facts:

  • His cat would take over the world if given the chance.
  • He’s a terrible oil painter.
  • He’s made several hit PvP videos for World of Warcraft.
  • He treats Starcraft like football.
  • He was the captain of the varsity tennis team in high school.